Clothes – high street or online?

FashionIt is not that long ago that clothes shopping meant a good few hours spent trawling the high street for what you wanted.  I remember spending time trying items on only to put them back immediately, and on more than one occasion (when I was particularly fussy about what I wore), going home empty-handed because nothing was suitable.  However much I wanted clothes, the process of shopping was not that interesting to me and I used to voice my opinion very loudly on this matter.

The internet has changed everything.  When the internet was invented, I don’t think that those responsible thought that it would revolutionise shopping, but it has – at least for me.  I can shop online (for a fraction of the price), get everything I need, and then try it all on in the comfort of my own home.  Most sites then allow you to return items that do not fit or that are unsuitable.  This makes sense, as you would not have had the chance to try an item on before paying for it.

I know a few people who are shopping like this at the moment.  It really does make life easier.  People can shop when they have a few minutes to spare and search a lot of different sites for what they want; the world is literally their oyster.  The items arrive within a few days and then they can be tried on at leisure and returned if not needed.

It is a great way to save a bit of money and I’m all for it, even if it does make me sound a bit lazy.  However, there is nothing worse than elbowing through the crowds in the shops, particularly if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

There will be people out there who don’t agree with this.  The high street does have a number of plus points and it is a great place to meet friends and socialise, even if you have no money to spend on clothes.  There is a variety of shops on the high street, so most people will be able to find something suitable even if it was not what they had in mind originally.  More and more high street retailers are also becoming aware that shoppers are looking for a bargain, and that they are competing with internet retailers, so you’re more likely to find a good deal now.

However, the high street is not exactly the best place to shop if you have specialist requirements and this is where the internet comes into its own.  A couple of my friends are on the larger side and always opt for internet shopping, because what they do manage to find on the high street is not exactly high fashion.  There are some retailers out there that believe that the bigger we get the less interested we are in looking good.  We can give thanks for the online retailers who know that people are looking for something a bit different.

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