Changing career

I will admit that I’m not the best person to be dishing out career advice, mainly because I’m unemployed and struggling to find work at the moment.  However, I can’t help sticking my nose in when one of my friends seems to be having problems with their current job.

I think what is winding her up is that this is the job she has worked and trained for over the last few years and now she finally has it she has been let down in many different ways.  An unsupportive spouse, colleagues that do not understand the intricacies of her work and lots of red tape have been making it difficult.  I would also need to point out that her own over-zealousness regarding her work has made her come across as bossy rather than dedicated.

All of this has led her to become a little unhappy, and when she spoke to me recently we got on to the subject of a possible career change for her.  I have often seen with friends that they have got the job that they want and then it turns out not to be how they expected it to be.  Changing careers isn’t always a practical option – I speak from experience when I say there are few opportunities out there – but looking for something with a lot less pressure involved could be the way forward.

It is a chance to regroup, think about the various options that there are and generally have a rethink about where you want to go and what you want to do.  I think for my friend this might be the best option, although it would mean a major change in her lifestyle so would require careful consideration.  Whatever she decides I wish her luck, and more of it than I’ve seen in the job market so far!

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