Can a perfume make me sexy?

I need to know.

For ages I have read about pheromone sprays and I love the idea that there really does exist a smell that will drive women (well, girls, I’ll be nervous of anyone who is much older than me) wild with desire for me.

It makes sense doesn’t it? If its of animals are attracted to each other when they are ready largely due to their changing scent, then I can believe that pheromones will work for people too.

Several of the lads swear that they work for them, and Shaun sent me a link to this place that sells Tempt Pheromone Spray online (they sell all sorts of other interesting stuff too). I was surprised to see that you can even buy different sprays depending on whether you’re a man after a woman, or a man after a man, and likewise for the girls. Oh what a sweet and innocent life I’ve led!

Ha! It would make the lads laugh if I bought the wrong one.


I’m going to go about this properly. There’s a girl I fancy called Sandy and I know she doesn’t mind me because she never makes to walk away when she sees me. I’m hoping that she’ll be out next weekend and I’ll have just done another wardrobe fitting job so I’ll have some spare cash. I’ll ask her to meet me in the Fighting Cocks and see if we can get chatting.

I need to be really careful to tread the fine line between having enough drink to be confident enough to chat away with her, but not too much that I end up making an idiot of myself. I’m not sure I’m capable of that – we’ll see! Anyway – 28th of February is firmly set in my mind as the day when I make my move – sounds great now, but I’ll be nervous as hell!

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