Building new wardrobes

I love it when I’m talking to friends about their work. Most of them go to the same office every day, move similar pieces of paper around, get told off for the same things and probably have the same arguments and discussions.

Day in day out.

The good thing is that they have security.

They know they are going to be paid every week/month.

They know who they’ll be working with.

And I have to admit that most of them quite enjoy what they do, even though they complain about it.

My life is completely different to that.

Often I don’t have money – that is the absolute worse bit.

But the rest seems positive.

I have a crazy variety of jobs that mean I can turn my hand to all sorts of things – but yes, I know the argument, and I agree with it. I’m master of very little.

This weekend I’m going to be working with one of the other drivers who do some work for Jon.

We’re not delivering cars though – we’re fitting wardrobes with sliding doors!

This is good work because you can make a huge difference to people’s storage issues, you make their room look lovely, and it is so easy. I’ve done this before, and provided everything has been measured properly it should take a few hours, and even then most of your time is spent getting the shelving in.

Look at these beauties: Jon hasn’t gone for orange, that’s a shame – I like orange, his are green with a mirrored strip through the middle. The options are only limited by your imagination.


We’ll fit runners to the floor and the ceiling first. The great thing about these wardrobes is that the doors are the full room height – if you have one or more doors fully mirrored then you can make the room seem a whole lot bigger while solving storage problems too.

Ha! Listen to me suddenly sounding like some sort of interior designer. I mean it though, I was dead chuffed the first time I did one of these fittings.

What’s next after this? Well, I don’t know yet, but I’m sure there’ll be something.

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