Belle Rock it

Those of you who read my blogs will know that I like to find the best sites to indulge my bingo urges. During a search for a decent bingo site, I found a site that didn’t actually offer bingo. I was just about to go to bed when I changed my mind and decided to have a quick game of cards or something.

The site is called Belle Rock Entertainment. Even though it doesn’t offer bingo, the site has turned out to be rather useful. It is a review site rather than a gaming site. Even though I have come across quite a few of these whilst on bingo-fuelled nights at the laptop, this one caught my attention.

The best UK slots, poker, roulette, scratch cards (which caught my eye, so I decided not to play poker in the end), blackjack and many other casino-based games are to be found in great detail on this online casino review site.

Rock and win

As well as reviews of the sites, there are listings detailing the best current jackpots and the online casinos that offer them. The site also has a page detailing the various rates and types of bonuses that are available from the best casinos online.

Another thing that caught my eye with Belle Rock is the pay out potential for someone who focuses on his or her game. The progressive jackpots detailed on the review site state that the highest pay out awarded to a single winner is a whopping £6.3 million.

I did eventually find a game of bingo; however, the scratch cards are cool and well worth trying if you’ve never done them before. All in all, this place is quite handy, so I recommend that any online players who like a flutter give it a shot.

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