Band of Skulls

I don’t know much about Band of Skulls except the single Sweet Sour, but I keep asking Shaun what he’s playing and he keeps saying it’s them. So when he asked if I fancied seeing them I kept at the chance.

I hope she’s half as sexy as I have built her up to be! I think she’s called Emma.


He’s been playing downloads from their new album called Himalayan and it’s even better than Sweet Sour. So we’ll be on a boys road trip down to Nottingham, and staying in a City Inn – sharing a twin room, and it had better be a twin! It’ll be a good chance to see if Nottingham is the totty city people say it is.

How the hell do we get to Nottingham?

I’ll have to try to get a car from Jon, can’t ask Dad to borrow his as I’m still in disgrace.

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