Big Phil’s Sign Off – Married Life Here He Comes…

I have always been one of those lads that carries the same circle of friends throughout school and into later life and although you would never admit it to anyone, you have a special bond that keeps your little crew alive.

I know that a couple of the lads are going to disagree with me a little here but the fact of the matter is, within the small click of lads that I hang about with, there is one lad that really holds the group together.

Okay so Phil is not a leader by any means, infact he tends to like to hide within the crowd when it comes to anything too out of his comfort zone but he is always up for a laugh and that is where he comes into his own, the joker of the pack if you will.

So me, Phil, Tim, Scrooge and JohnJo have done most things together and I know that like me, any of those lads would do anything to be there for any one of the group that needs a hand with anything but as the time passes and we all get a little older, the challenges that you face as a ‘dynamic lady killing crew’ increase, making it harder to knock about together as much as we would like.

Now I know that I still live at home with my parents (yes my mum does do my cooking, cleaning and washing) but some of the other lads have pushed forward more in life, getting their own crib and even in some cases, girlfriends (I have a vacancy in this field if anyone is interested, holla at me!).

Even though the lads are no longer a stone throw away from my front door, we have done well to maintain our friend circle, still seeing each other almost every other day and in some cases (JohnJo) I refuse to leave their gaff and spend weeks at a time with him!

Anyway, even with apartments and houses seeming to move further apart as each of the lads find their feet, we have always managed to make things happen and we still kick it at some location to keep the boys together… That was until ‘Big Philly’ dropped the dreaded bombshell… He’s crossing over! He’s getting married to Laura!

How could he do this to us? The glue that holds the group together is about to turn into a soppy pile of nothing with only a faint thumbprint on his head to identify him to us… (Only messing Laura, I’m happy for you really).

Knowing that Phil was serious and that Laura treats him as he should be, we have to allow him to sign off some of the group antics so that he can open a whole new chapter of his life… Which I should point out still includes us Laura so don’t expect to see us disappear anytime soon eh? 😉

So with Phil now set to move onto the jail sentence of life next chapter of happiness, we decided that we had to make sure that he had a stag do to remember, so we are about to show Las Vegas how we do things!

I’ve managed to get some cash together (thanks mum) and we are booked and ready to take the USA by storm! Sun, booze and gambling until we wake up in the morning with a bride that I have never met… (someone remind me why I haven’t done this before?)

Staying at the MGM Grand hotel (I voted Hooters but Laura objected) we are going to send 3 nights hitting the bars and casino floor so at least we know that she’s not going to be marrying him for money because Phil doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to betting haha!

When we told him that we wanted a big blow out in what we called ‘casino city’, Phil was like “Boys, it’s time to get to grips with your odds as I’m about to walk out a millionaire!” but the reality is that his game plan for wealth will be little more than throwing a few dollars on the craps table and sneaking off to continue his betting on his mobile…

Phil, like many of those that go to Vegas has a routine that he likes to follow, ever since he won his first ever bet worth a couple of hundred quid, swearing that it was down to the tool that he worked out his bet on and the bookie that he placed it with.

Should be a great laugh and will definitely be a passing of Phil becoming a man rather than a lad.

Good times ahead y’all! Bring it on.